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Dental fractures can occur when an unnatural force is applied to one of your teeth. This might come in the form of a blow to the face during sports or result from grinding your teeth at night without a dental guard. When this happens, the alterations to the tooth enamel can have serious ramifications to the long-term health of the tooth.

Our dentists, Dr. Bruce Smith or Dr. Samuel Carrell, may repair a small dental fracture by applying a filling at his dental office in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, if a fracture is large or it alters the occlusal biting surface, he might recommend treating the tooth with a crown restoration.

This is a two-stage process that starts with our Bruce W. Smith, DDS dentist removing all of the tooth’s enamel layer. This leaves behind a post-like structure of dentin that will later serve to anchor the crown in your mouth.

Then, he will create a detailed impression of the area. This will be sent to a dental lab, where your new crown will be created from either gold, base metals, or a dental porcelain ceramic material. A temporary crown will then be secured over the abutment to keep it safe while you await completion of your crown.

You will need to return to Bruce W. Smith, DDS for a brief second appointment when your crown is ready. The temporary crown will be removed and your new permanent crown is cemented in place. With proper care and cleaning the crown will restore your fractured tooth for many years to come.

If you have recently fractured a tooth, and you live in the Houston, Texas area, we invite you to call 713-529-4364 to seek treatment with our experienced dentists, Dr. Bruce Smith or Dr. Samuel Carrell.