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Your new partial denture provided by Bruce W. Smith, DDS is designed to replicate the basic function and physical presence of your missing teeth. This removable dental appliance is mounted on a pink base that resembles your gums.

The shape and contours of this base have been crafted to match your existing gum structure. Some partial dentures also include small hardware components hold them in place. However, many people who wear partial dentures like to apply a small amount of adhesive when they put their partial in each morning. This helps to bond the denture to the gums and reduces the chances that food particles can irritate the gums. Sometimes the natural chewing motion from eating tough or hard foods can start to weaken the bond. If some food particles do find their way into the area between your dentures and your gums, they will need to be removed. When this happens, you should remove the denture and rinse it under water. Then, apply a fresh bead of denture adhesive.

If you are in the Houston, Texas, area and you have a question about how to properly maintain your denture, you can call 713-529-4364 to speak to a member of Dr. Bruce W. Smith’s staff. Dr. Bruce Smith and Dr. Samuel Carrell look forward to helping you with your oral care!