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As you might have heard, there are several steps issues that can lead to a dry mouth, including being upset, nervous, or under stress. If your mouth is dry every once in awhile, you don’t need to worry–but had you heard that having a consistently dry mouth might lead to a few issues?

Unfortunately, several factors can lead to dry mouth. For instance, dry mouth could be caused by more than four hundred medications, some diseases, nerve damage, and chemotherapy. You should also be careful of a sticky feeling in your mouth, trouble chewing,cracked and dry lips, a dry tongue, and sores in your mouth because these issues can be symptoms of dry mouth.

If you have dry mouth, there are several steps you can take. As you’ve probably guessed, visiting your doctor is an important step. If your dry mouth is caused by a medicine, they might offer a different medication or dosage. They could also medication that will help your mouth produce saliva, which will help you deal with dry mouth.

If you’re suffering from dry mouth, we also suggest contacting our team for personalized advice. Dry mouth might also leave you more vulnerable to issues like gum disease and cavities. If you’d like to learn more about how dry mouth can impact your oral health in Houston, Texas, we invite you to give Bruce W. Smith, DDS a call at 713-529-4364. Our dentist, Dr. Bruce W. Smith, and our team look forward to meeting with you.