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If you have bad breath, it can affect everyone within the vicinity, and may even be a sign that you have a preexisting and serious medical condition. The presence of persistent bad breath means you should speak with our dentist about diagnosing the cause of your halitosis.

Frequently having sour breath after eating may be remedied by chewing sugarless gum or popping a breath mint to hide the odor of potent food on your breath. Insufficient saliva production can also cause breath to seem stale, but you can increase your saliva by chewing gum.

If you struggle with proper oral hygiene, you can speak with Dr. Bruce W. Smith about how to better clean your teeth. We encourage proper techniques such as brushing and flossing every day with ADA-approved dental products and cleaning your tongue and the roof of your mouth. You may find that swishing with mouthwash effectively eliminates any remaining bacteria.

Notify our dentist as soon as you can if oral care is not enough to freshen your breath, as the next step may be to screen your dental health for medical conditions such as gum disease or dry mouth that could be souring your breath.Poor breath may also be a symptom of a deeper health issue.

Contact our team at Bruce W. Smith, DDS by calling 713-529-4364 today and scheduling a time to discuss with Dr. Bruce W. Smith your options for bad breath treatment in Houston, Texas.