Our dental team is a very important part of the office of Bruce W. Smith, DDS. Dr. Smith and Dr. Carrell carefully select individuals who share our high standard of care and practice philosophy. Our wonderful team is attentive and deeply concerned about the needs and wellbeing of our patients. We look forward to making your acquaintance and caring for your smile when you visit our dentists in Houston, Texas.

Jon Mcguire
Office Manager & Treatment Coordinator

“I get to treat the patient as a person and to find out what they want, as well as what they need.” Jon’s main job is patient flow, getting them in and through their procedures, and then getting them out and seeing to their insurance and payment needs. What appeals to him about his job here is that he has one-on-one access to patients and has some say in the process. He gets to treat the patient as a person, and to find out what they want, as well as what they need. They’re not just a number.

Kelly Samohyl
Office Manager & Treatment Coordinator

“I find dentistry very enjoyable and rewarding. I appreciate the feeling, when a patient completes their dentistry, and they feel confident with their beautiful smile.” Kelly helps with appointments, processes account payments, follows up with insurance companies to help patients maximize their benefits, and assists patients with financial arrangements. Our patients appreciate the confidence and professionalism she shows when handling their accounts. Kelly loves helping patients feel good about their smiles.

Carino Mendoza

“I am very big on patient education. If I can give you the knowledge, tools, and motivation to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you will see how each dental cleaning gets easier than the last! And who wouldn’t want that?”

We have such a uniquely diverse and talented team; it really does make the difference between our office and other “cookie-cutter” dental offices out there. When you add up-to-date equipment and technology to our very personalized service, you get a comprehensive dental experience that is both comfortable and even a little fun!

Areta Beattie
Dental Assistant

“The staff here can all be who we wanted to be when we got into this business—we get to care for people.”

Areta worked in several other practices, and none of them compare to this one—that’s the beauty of it.
Starting with the building, it’s not an impersonal office, it’s a house. When people come in, they are very relaxed. A patient said to her, “I’ve never had dentistry done in a living room before.” It helps the patients relax and it helps us, too.