Dr. Smith, Dr. Carrell, and our team are committed to helping our patients achieve healthy and attractive smiles. We invite you to browse some of our patient testimonials to learn how our patients have benefitted from our gentle and artistic dental care in Houston, Texas. For further information and to schedule an appointment with our skilled dentists, please contact the dental office of Bruce W. Smith, DDS today. We look forward to hearing from you!

I had heard positive things for the last 5 years and finally took the plunge. They met and exceeded all of my expectations. I was comfortable and have a well thought out plan to pretty teeth.
Brian S.

Most people would say they hate going to the dentist but not if you go here! Everyone is so warm and welcoming, I actually look forward to my visits! It’s set up in a cute, little house in montrose with a small amount of street parking or free valet!
Priscilla P.

Dr. Smith and his staff are wonderful. Valet service at a dentist office? Amazing. It’s more like being welcomed into a home than going to the dentist, and I come from a family of dentists and hygienists. His staff is so welcoming and everyone goes out of their way to answer any questions you may have. Also, even though Dr. Smith is a cosmetic dentist, he doesn’t try to force anything on you (some other places I’ve been have told me that I need Invisilgn immediately, need to replace crowns or fillings, etc.). They’re very straightforward about costs and recommendations. Top notch dental experience!
Lauren H.

Super friendly staff, really pleasant office vibe, and a well-managed office that’s never made me wait for my appointment? I love this place! I would recommend Dr. Smith to any of my friends.
Courtney B.

Charming and cozy are not often adjectives for a dentist’s office. I absolutely love this bungalow and its staff. They go out of their way to make you laugh and make sure that you’re comfortable – offering blankets to cocoon in while you have your teeth cleaned. I’ve only been here for bi-annual teeth cleanings, but I trust the other services they offer are up to the same standard. If you are looking for a friendly queer dentist’s office in Montrose, this is the place to come.
Ryah B.

I could go on and on about this business. I cannot say enough about Dr. Smith and his staff. I have never encountered a more friendly, knowledgeable organization. They go above and beyond all expectations to make their patients feel comfortable. Their online patient portal has everything you would need. HIGHLY recommend Dr. Smith!
Lauren M.

I have had terrible experiences with dentists which has caused me not to go as much as I should. I recently started having some dental problems and a friend recommended her dentist Dr. Smith. She told me how sweet he is and how he has a gentle manner about himself. After chatting with her about Dr. Smith, the first thing I did was search for his website, which is very impressive and informative. I called and made an appointment and boy were my expectations exceeded.

First of all, I love the location. Its very convenient to almost anything in the city limits. Secondly, the office has beautiful decor: antique lamps, chairs and sofas…the office smells of vanilla and is very soothing. The staff is WONDERFUL…they address you by name. They are as courteous as can be and they treat you like you are part of their family.

Dr. Smith is very kind. He is gentle in his manner. He takes the time to explain in detail what needs to be done. I have to say that I am very glad that I found him. I have a lot of dental work that needs to be done and Dr. Smith is my dentist for life. This is as good as it gets!
Shawn P.

Recently moved back to the area. Bruce Smith and his team were wonderful and professional. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist!
Thomas P.

One of best services I have ever experienced regardless of industry. Never any wait. Great location. Very friendly staff. Can’t give a stronger recommendation.
Matthew M.

My first review ever. I had a horrible toothache on a biz trip to Houston. Was able to call and get an immediate appointment through the awesomely sweet, John! Dr. Bruce was so sweet and helpful. They took care of everything they could while traveling and will send my x-rays to my new dentist in LA. All the staff was so incredible. And if you are ascared of the dentist, they make every effort to make you at ease. If I lived within 50 miles, I would drive there just for the incredible staff and Dr. Smith’s caring style! Thanks!!!!
Sally H.

Moved here from out of state and had to find a new dentist. Went to my first visit and loved the friendly staff. Appointment was on time and since it was my first visit, staff took time to talk and explain everything to me. Their office is very unique since it is in a house, feels very comfortable and relaxing. I am so glad I have my new dentist.
Elizabeth W.

I love my dentist!!! You will not find another dentist like Dr. Smith in all of Houston. He is gentle and informative, has a wonderful staff of office personnel and hygenists and has the most beautifully appointed office I’ve seen. The building is an adorable bungalow in Montrose that was probably built in the 1930’s. The individual rooms are decorated with antiques, gorgeous paintings and heavy drapes. It simply feels like you are in someone’s home. If you have any stress associated with visiting the dentist, Dr. Smith is for you. Everyone is extremely friendly and will make you feel right at home.
Eric B.

This dentist’s office rocks! Everyone on the staff is totally awesome. Not only are they always kind and helpful, they remember me every time I call, even if it’s out of the blue, and they always do what they can to help you work through exactly what you need done and how you can go about it and how they can address any concerns you might have. They’re full of friendly advice and Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable as well as sympathetic. And Eric B. is right–it is the most gorgeous dental office you will ever see in your LIFE! The only downside there EVER was is that I didn’t have insurance they could take (I was on a dental HMO, which I soon lost anyway). But they always understood that and if I ever needed multiple things done they would help me break them down by priority and then let me do them in separate appointments. I recently had to move away from Houston for work and I am so sad to leave this office I cannot even describe it!!!!! But I’ll tell you what, when I said I was moving at my last appointment, they printed out all of my records and gave me full-color explanations of everything I could expect good (and bad) future dentists to say, and generally went way above and beyond the call of duty. It doesn’t get any classier than this establishment!
Alys L.