Dry Mouth: Leading the Cause in Adult Tooth Decay

Dry mouth occurs when there is not enough saliva in your mouth. If left untreated, tooth decay and oral health care disorders can arise. However, dry mouth can be treated to ensure your mouth contains the proper amount of saliva once more. The uses of dry mouth treatments are vast, as it is essential for… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Dental Bonding

Have you felt an upsurge in tooth sensitivity recently? Do you feel tooth pain when you eat certain types of foods, including those that are cold? If so, you have tooth enamel damage and need a restoration service such as dental bonding. With dental bonding, you can correct the ailment on a tooth to improve… Read more »

Choosing the Perfect Dental Crown

Choosing the perfect dental crown is a part of ensuring that your smile will function properly for many years to come. Even teeth that have been broken into bits can be saved with a properly placed dental crown. Listed below are important facts regarding dental crowns: – Dental crowns are can repair or restore old… Read more »

If It’s Detected Early, a Small Cavity Might Be Repaired with a Dental Filling

The bacteria in your mouth are often bolstered by inconsistent daily oral hygiene habits and a failure to attend your regular dental checkups. This can leave your teeth at increased risk of suffering a cavity. When this happens, you might experience increased sensitivity in the tooth, discomfort when biting down, or an unnatural texture change…. Read more »

A Tooth That Has Suffered a Fracture Might Need Treatment by a Crown

Dental fractures can occur when an unnatural force is applied to one of your teeth. This might come in the form of a blow to the face during sports or result from grinding your teeth at night without a dental guard. When this happens, the alterations to the tooth enamel can have serious ramifications to… Read more »

Dry Mouth: The Causes

As you might have heard, there are several steps issues that can lead to a dry mouth, including being upset, nervous, or under stress. If your mouth is dry every once in awhile, you don’t need to worry–but had you heard that having a consistently dry mouth might lead to a few issues? Unfortunately, several… Read more »

Did You Know That Broken Teeth Can Be Fixed?

Did you know that broken teeth can be fixed? Tooth restorations therapies can be used to correct various oral ailments, regardless of how much damage they may have received. Everything from concealing broken teeth with veneers to fully enclosing problematic teeth with dental crowns is safer and more effective than ever. Listed below are some… Read more »

Did You Know That Invisible Aligners Exist?

Did you know that invisible oral aligners exist? With the Invisalign® orthodontic aligner system, you can improve your smile with clear aligners. Not only do they work to straighten your teeth, but they also improve your oral hygiene and decrease your risk for oral injuries, all the while giving you the aesthetics of your natural… Read more »

Don’t Let Bad Breath Scare People Away

Are you interested in preventing bad breath in Houston, Texas? If so, Dr. Smith and Dr. Carrell have some helpful tips and information to help you! There are things you can do on a regular basis to keep your breath fresh and pristine. -Oral Hygiene Tools: Keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste in your backpack, purse, or… Read more »

There Are Different Methods for Improving the Appearance of your Smile

The appearance of your smile has a significant influence on your self-esteem. Many people struggling with a stained, yellow, or otherwise unappealing smile will contact Bruce W. Smith DDS to explore their cosmetic dental options. The nature and severity of the imperfections in your smile will determine the treatment Dr. Bruce W. Smith recommends. If… Read more »