Cosmetic dentistry today involves a modern, gentle style that draws from art and science to create a stunning smile with lasting value. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Smith, originated the “Male Smile” to provide the men of our community with increased confidence and healthier teeth. To ensure our patients receive the results they desire, Dr. Smith and Dr. Carrell listen carefully to their needs and preferences.

First impressions can go a long way in helping you build your career and navigate social circles. Men with white, aesthetically shaped smiles have an increased advantage when interviewing for jobs and seeking promotions. With the assistance of our dental office, your first impression can be lasting.

Dr. Smith developed the “Male Smile” to improve teeth and facial appearance. A strong, attractive smile can be more effective than a facelift for many patients. During your personal consultation, our dentists will evaluate your current state of health and address any risky habits, such as tooth grinding, that could affect your results. Some physical aspects our dentists will consider are:

  • Bone structure of the cheeks and jaw
  • Soft tissue structure of the gums, lips, and complexion
  • Teeth grinding that could result in short teeth and a collapsed jaw
  • Turned up and turned down smiles
  • Tooth color in relation to the complexion
  • Translucency for a natural smile
  • Appropriate tooth length

The philosophy at the practice of Bruce W. Smith, DDS is to plan your treatments with individualized care to encourage the best possible results. We include your opinion in each phase of treatment and promote patient education so that you can achieve a healthy, attractive smile for a lifetime. For more information about cosmetic dentistry for men in Houston, Texas, please contact us today at 713-529-4364 and allow our dentists to help you gain the smile you desire.