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Have you felt an upsurge in tooth sensitivity recently? Do you feel tooth pain when you eat certain types of foods, including those that are cold? If so, you have tooth enamel damage and need a restoration service such as dental bonding. With dental bonding, you can correct the ailment on a tooth to improve the tooth’s functionality, as well as enhance its look.

Typically, dental bonding is recommended when a tooth is injured by an oral accident. When this happens, your tooth is in danger of getting an infected pulp which ultimately can lead to tooth loss. To guard your teeth, materials such as resin and porcelain can be bonded to your teeth to close the voids that may exist.

Dental bonding treatments can also be implemented for abnormal stains and discolorations. In some cases, teeth whitening systems cannot successfully remove a stain, at which point dental bonding materials should be used. Dental bonding is also useful with cavities, spacing issues, mild malocclusions, and other damage to a tooth that may exist. A single dental bonding treatment can successfully last over ten years.

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