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Are you interested in enhancing your smile with Zoom Whitening in Houston, Texas? If so, you probably have many questions. So, to help you know more about this treatment so you can decide if it’s best for your smile, our dentists and dental team are happy to give you the details and information you’re looking for through answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: What is Zoom Whitening?

A: Zoom Whitening is a great way to achieve a bright and brilliant smile at our dental office. It can remove stubborn tooth discoloration and give you the results you desire.

Q: What are the benefits of Zoom Whitening?

A: First, the treatment can quickly whiten your smile. In fact, it will only take 45 minutes! Second, the treatment is effective. It can make your smile eight shades brighter! Third, the treatment is safe. It will whiten your teeth without harming your gums or affecting your oral health. Fourth, the treatment is hassle and mess free. Your dentist will do all the work and clean up for you!

Q: What is the process involved in Zoom Whitening?

A: You will come into our office and sit in our comfortable dental chair. Then, your dentist will protect your gums with a shield. This will keep the solution from harming your gums. Then, he will paint the solution onto your teeth. Once they are covered, your dentist will activate the solution with a special light. This will make the solution break up the stains in the teeth. Your dentist will repeat these steps as needed. Your appointment should last about 45 minutes.

At Bruce W. Smith, DDS, we offer both in-office ZOOM whitening system and KöR® Deep Bleaching at-home systems. If you would like to know which one is right for your smile, please give us a call at 713-529-4364. Dr. Smith and Dr. Carrell look forward to brightening your smile!